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Venturing to understand how the small scale influences the large; hierarchies- how the atomic & nano leads to macro. From the scale of light, droplets, and cities, to celestial bodies.

Onye Ahanotu is a scientist, artist, scholar, home chef, and material architect who has spent the past 13 years living across the United States. He received a bachelor of science in Chemical Engineering and Material Science from the University of California, Irvine. After which, he earned a masters in Material Sciences and Engineering from the University of Michigan with a focus in product development, emerging technologies, and fabrication techniques. After completing his masters, he joined Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering. There, he worked on the adaptive materials platform to aid in the commercialization of engineered surfaces to save energy and reduce hospital acquired infections. Early work centered around energy generation, gradually broadened to architected materials and new approaches to making in the rapidly changing world. 

"an observant explorer of the arts, sciences and life"

As an observer of different cultures, life, and humanity, Onye explores the arts and creation of new flavors in his cooking, bringing cuisines from around the world together. His mashup of influences as a trans-disciplinarian, working at the interface of fields, has led him to his most recent explorations of reimagining tropical wines through his company Ikenga Wines. At Ikenga Wines he is using modern biotechnology approaches to sustainably unlock the hidden potentials in palm wine. In addition to Ikenga Wines, he is an active board member of the Counter Culture Lab, and he has recently been accepted as a Global Community Bio Fellow, a program that accepts 36 fellows from 30 countries annually and provides leadership training and professional development.


As an observant explorer of the arts, sciences, and life Onye is constantly seeking new avenues; trying to connect new dots. A lifelong learner, he continues to explore, and create. 

Discussions at the 2017 Advanced Research Programs Agency- Energy (ARPA-E) Innovation Summit technology showcase

(courtesy of event photographer)

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