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Glass Coasters

Working in partnership with Cass Community Social Services, a Detroit non-profit homeless shelter, we worked to develop a revenue generating mini business from waste stream materials. This also gives residence the opportunity to gain job skills and get back on their feet.

The Glass Coaster set, not only uses reclaimed, waste stream materials but also acts as a dinner or coffee table conversation piece. Coasters are imbedded with images graffiti from Detroit's Wailing Wall, a 6-foot-tall wall erected in the 1940’s, acting as a physical barrier separating an African-American community from a European-American one. Other backgrounds are also available, including ionic Detroit landmarks.

The coasters are made of recycled glass from Guardian Industries and box is made from salvaged architectural wood from deconstructed homes around Detroit, Michigan.

Purchase coasters: CCSS Green Industries Store

University of Michigan coverage: Michigan Impact 

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