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San Francisco #205 (2018)

San Francisco #205 (2018)


Part of the Urban Portrait Series: At first glance, a drab building, but within the windows are reflections of the architectural design influences that it incoperates & challenges.


San Francisco #205 (2018)

14" x 11" silver gelatin 

signed en recto

Limited run of 3 prints

  • Information about the piece

    Photos from this series are a single edition print, that is, this is the only print of this image to be sold. If there is something that calls to you, aquire before it is gone.

    The Artist Custom Frame will be a custom frame designed and crafted by the artists to best represent the displayed work. Materials, colors and design will be considered by the artist.

  • Production & Shipping

    Please allow for 2-3 weeks processing time after recieving a confirmation of your order. This time is required to ensure a high quality piece, which can grace walls for decades to come.

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